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Troy Male, The Guitarist and the Teacher

Melbourne guitarist Troy Male was inspired to play guitar at the age of 14 due to the release of Guns ‘N’ Roses Appetite For Destruction.

After leaving high school he went and studied at Box Hill TAFE and obtained a degree from LaTrobe University. Troy then fled Australia for London, England where he lived for two years. In this time he played on a weekly basis around London and wrote  about music instrument for the children’s TV show Blue Peter.

Upon returning to Australia Troy completed his Music Teaching qualification at ACU before embarking on two and a half years as an orchestral guitarist for Princess Cruises sailing to random corners of the globe during the day while backing guest entertainer singers, dancers, magicians and soloists at night. He had a good time working with Greg Bonham, Lorna Luft, Eddie Holman (Hey there Lonely Girl) and “The Worlds Greatest Xylophone player” Ian Finkle.

Troy has been working and living in Australia again since 2008 and has worked on stage show Jersey Boys , as well as recently working on Godspell for the Magnormos theatre company. He also does regular session work for  SimonPaul at ninetynine/100 studios and plays with the Baker Boys band as well as regular solo and duo gigs with Elia Cannizzo.

Troy has also recently appeared on Guitar Gods and Masterpieces on Channel 31 and will be part of the Melbourne ukulele Show at Caulfield racecourse on August 8 & 9.

Troy currently teaches guitar at Brentwood and Wellington secondary colleges.

Troy supports and endorses www.guitarsguitars.com.au

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